Ashby Badminton Club has had a Junior section for in excess of 10 years. We have successfully encouraged our junior members and several are now part of the main club, most of whom, are playing to a good league standard and are regular members of the league teams.

Our Aims:

  • To encourage young people to take up Badminton as a sport.
  • To provide the basic foundations to enable the players to have a long and enjoyable lifetime playing the sport of Badminton.
  • To bring out the best in our attendees and enable them to achieve their full potential.
  • To promote good standards of play and etiquette on (and off) court.
  • To introduce the players to competitive play.
  • To prepare the players for integration within the senior club.

We have Badminton England qualified approved Level 2 and Level 1 coaches as well as other members who are currently acting as assistant coaches whilst working towards achieving their level 1 qualification.

We are a Badminton England Clubmark accredited club which guarantees that all members who come into contact with our juniors have a current CRB certificate issued through Badminton England.
We also have a Child Welfare Officer approved and CRB certified by Badminton England.

Fees (2015/16 season)
We currently charge per school term, payable in advance or on the first night.
This is calculated at a rate of £1.50 per evening (for example the Autumn term will be 16 nights @ £1.50 = £24.00).
Once paid, these unfortunately are not refundable.

We are currently at capacity (20 members playing on 4 courts) and have a short waiting list.
This alters from term to term so please feel free to contact us (see below) to find out the current situation.

Contact Details
Please contact our Chairman, Bob Drake, on 01530 835 829, or email on In the unlikely event of being unavailable, please contact the club secretary, Laurent Alidieres, on 07 46 00 91 607, or email on